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Media Incrementality Measurement

Measured operationalizes sophisticated experimental design to inform media’s true incremental contribution to your business.

  • Best in-class media experiments.
  • Pain free automated always-on media experimentation.
  • Trusted, Proven, Accurate, Transparent.
  • Design of Experiments tailored for the idiosyncrasies of each channel/tactic.

Cross-channel Attribution & Planning

Media portfolio investment decisions begin here. Measured delivers QA certified cross-channel reporting centralized in a single source-of-truth dashboard powered by advanced incrementality measurement.

  • Single cross-channel view of media’s contribution to your business.
  • Compare incremental contribution of media across online and offline tactics.
  • Reliable QA certified data that always reconciles.
  • Reporting idiosyncrasies reconciled in one uniform reporting dashboard.

Marketing Data as a Service

All of your media, transactions, customer data and incrementality measurement results are collected, governed, QA’d and prepared for your consumption.

  • Prepared for cross-channel marketing analytics applications.
  • Built by cross channel database experts.
  • Configurable to your unique marketing partners and technologies.
  • High value, made affordable.